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Student Life » Third Grade

Third Grade

As educators we want our students to develop a love of learning. One of the best things about LPA is our understanding that not all students learn at the same pace or have the same needs. Because we understand students are individuals LPA provides math and reading groups that fit individual student learning needs by providing small group instruction. Students who need more practice, are on grade level, or are above grade level will be placed in a group that will help them thrive.  Students are taught in a smaller group allowing more opportunities for your child to receive the individualized attention and support they need.
In 3rd grade we track our students progress through formal and informal assessments throughout each lesson.  We work as a grade team to discuss the progress of each student on a weekly basis so we can provide the most challenging and rewarding experience possible as we help students learn.  We also monitor student growth through DIBELS and Track My Progress.  These assessments allow us to see the growth being made by each individual student along with areas where they need additional support.  By the end of third, we consistently have close to ninety percent of our students at grade level in reading, math, and writing.  Students are also challenged to type twenty-five words per minute, master all multiplication facts, write a well-organized five paragraph essay, write in cursive, and learn how to be a better citizen.

The transition from second grade to third grade is full of new adventures.  Each term we will have a large culminating activity to celebrate the learning that has occurred.  Students can look forward to Native American Day, Rome Day, a geography culminating activity, and a fun field trip.  During each of these culminating activities our students will use the knowledge they have acquired throughout the year to solidify and better understand what they have learned.  This is a wonderful opportunity for them to apply the new knowledge to their life, which in turn, helps them to remember the information.  In third grade students also have the opportunity to audition for our after school musical.  We have presented, “Shrek Jr.,” The Wizard of Oz,” and “Aristocats.”

At Legacy we also believe in providing a rewarding character education program.  We currently focus on “The 7 Habits” and our Legacy Paideia to help students learn how to be productive members of society.  We truly believe that a child must act with honor and integrity, be resilient and courageous, and develop discipline and self-control.

Legacy Lions strive for excellence both at school and at home and this excellence is reached through the support of wonderful parent volunteers and parent support at home.  Parents help with our many culminating activities, Junior Achievement, and field trips while also volunteering to read with students and track their progress.  These fun filled learning experiences would not be possible without the help of parents and even grandparents. Legacy is a school where everyone strives to work together and this is why Legacy is the best school of choice.