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Student Life » Second Grade

Second Grade

At LPA, we believe every child is a unique individual, who is on their own personal journey through an educational experience.  As they proceed on this journey, they will each encounter successes, failures, victories, disappointments, triumphs, and frustrations.  In 2nd grade, we believe it is our duty to go on this journey with each child; dedicating ourselves to experiencing the highs and low, while guiding, encouraging, and preparing them for the future.  

Every year we are given the honor to influence children's lives; we take this privilege seriously.  To accomplish this goal in helping each individual, we hold the belief that every child can learn.  We know that learning needs to be interesting, varied, and fun, in order to keep students engaged.  We understand that classroom management is paramount to creating an optimum learning environment.  And lastly, we are aware that communication between parents, teacher and student is key to academic and behavioral success.

LPA follows a classical education model, in which second grade falls into the Beginning Grammar Stage.  This is the stage where we focus on teaching facts, since these young brains are like sponges.  In this stage, students have a short attention span, but are excited to learn, memorize easily, enjoy games, stories, and songs, and are imaginative and creative.  

In second grade the students will learn the basic skills needed to be successful in all areas of learning.  Because there is an instructor assigned to each classroom, LPA is able to implement ability grouping for both reading and math.  This enables the students to receive the support they need at the level they are at, ensuring they have been given the foundation, which will best help them be successful in future grades.  

In homeroom, the students will be taught and most will leave second grade with basic research skills and the ability to form opinions, so they can express themselves in well constructed writing samples.  They will continue to learn the rules of spelling and apply them to a variety of words on a weekly basis.  Halfway through the year, our second grades will learn the skill of cursive writing.

In science, we learn about and explore cycles: plants, water, rocks, body, seasons, etc.  In history, we learn about our country, starting with our independence, moving through the expansion, and finishing with the peak of immigration.  All of this ends with a full day immigration simulation activity that places the students back in this time period, to experience what it was like to be an immigrant coming to America through Ellis Island.  We then go on to learn about other countries around the world: China, Japan, India, North America, South America, and Greece.

Included in our classical education is the study of the arts.  Through our specialty teachers, our second graders are taught and participate in drawing, art history, music, physical education, library, and computers on a weekly basis.  Twice during the year, the students have the opportunity to showcase what they have learned in music and created in drawing and art history.