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South Campus Grades K - 4

H. The Arts » Meet the Masters

Meet the Masters

The first week of each artist review, consists of viewing a PowerPoint slideshow and learning about a particular artist's fascinating life. Students are encouraged to participate by asking questions and making comments.
During the second week, students complete worksheets by practicing similar techniques that the particular artist used and participate in a review game that is unique to each artist.
During the third week, students will create pieces of art that relates to one of that artist's masterpieces using watercolors, chalk pastels, oil pastels, colored pencils, crayons, and/or colored paper.
CK Art is designed to teach students about master artists, art techniques, and give them the ability and confidence to create their own version of famous masterpieces using the Meet the Masters program. Each year, students gain knowledge of ten different artists through slideshows, worksheets, and art projects which are focused at students in first through fourth grades. During the three year program, approximately thirty artists are spotlighted.

Each week, students participate in a forty minute CK Art class. Three class periods are devoted to each artist.