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South Campus Grades K - 4

Student Life » Kindergarten


Legacy Preparatory Academy kindergarten uniquely prepares students for success in navigating a classical education by supplying the needed building blocks of reading, writing, and arithmetic.  Legacy kindergartners daily work diligently at phonemic awareness or listening and dissecting the sounds in words, learning the sounds automatically, and decoding words to arrive at a high rate of reading fluency by the end of the year.  Students are carefully instructed in proper pencil positioning, correct letter formation, spelling and grammar, and various forms of writing to prime the brain for the future.

Students are placed into small reading groups ranging in size from three to nine children.  These groups are assessed every five lessons and fluid movement ensures that a student is placed in the appropriate zone for their development of reading skills.  The small size and availability of a teacher and two paraprofessionals per kindergarten class of 28 students allows for individual and hands on attention for every child.

By introducing a vast supply of background knowledge in kindergarten through the study of classical fables, fairy tales, sayings, world geography, local and national history, science and experts in the field, students develop necessary pegs to attach their further learning.

At Legacy kindergarten, arithmetic instruction takes place four times weekly.  Math in Focus has been carefully selected to help students achieve.  There are five math groups to accommodate the needs of fifty-six students.

Weekly guided art direction takes place, while linking the subject matter to the kindergartners learning.  The students use real art supplies such as oil pastels, permanent markers, and water colors.  Art education has been shown to help develop critical thinking skills, close learning gaps from socioeconomic factors and expand social skills.

Parent volunteers help on-site by working with students to correctly perform reading and writing skills, assisting in art class, teaching Physical Education and preparing projects for the class.

Our character education has been derived from Seven Habits for Highly Successful People by Steven Covey.  Monthly assemblies teach a Habit which is reinforced in the classroom.  We use a high ratio of praise and reinforcement of desirable behavior to motivate students to learn.  We teach behavior skills as needed whole group and individually.

With our high adult to student ratio, students are carefully monitored daily and weekly to meet their needs.  Interventions are quickly put in place and executed to help students keep pace with their needs in learning to read ensuring that their foundational skills will be in place.

Fifteen minutes of nightly reading meets the required homework in kindergarten.  This should be a mix of being read to out loud, practicing letter formation, sound recognition and decoding readers.  We encourage this to be a fun exchange between parent and child to share in the love of learning.