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Logging Your Volunteer Hours

It is very important that we get our volunteer hours logged in. One of the schools funding sources is based off the volunteer hours. We want to make this as EASY as possible for you! Here is the link
Here are the instructions to log your hours.  There are screenshots below as well if you would like to look at them.
1- Click the link above(if you do this go to step 3) OR Go to
2- Click on One Point - It is at the top of the page. 
3 - Login into One point with your User ID and password
4- Click on Volunteering
5- Click on Record Volunteer Hours
       - Fill all the information out- be as specific as possible
      - School -LPA Elementary (k-6) Jr. High (7-9)
      - Event ID - You can choose an event from the list to auto-fill the form
      - Date - (YYYY-MM- DD)
      - Contact person - This isn't necessary but if you know who asked you to volunteer it is helpful.
      - Record hours - Enter as a decimal (eg. 2 1/2 hours = 2.5)
      - Notes - You can be as specific as you want to be
THANK YOU for your willingness to volunteer and record your hours! Remember $10 = 1 hour