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South Campus Grades K - 4

Danamarie Huggard » Home


Mrs. Huggard has been an LPA parent for five years and a kindergarten instructor since January of 2017. She has lived in Northern Utah for most of her life. In 1999, Mrs. Huggard graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Weber State University. She loves being a part of the LPA community and part of each of her students’ lives. Her hope is that each and every one of them knows how amazingly unique they are and that anything is possible as long as they never stop trying.

After school hours, Mrs. Huggard’s focus is on her husband and four children. She has a senior at Woods Cross High School, a junior at Bountiful High School and a fourth and a second grader at LPA. Her hobbies are whatever her husband and children are currently doing. Right now those activities include hiking, musical theater, ball room dance, tumbling and karate. She also likes to read and watch superhero movies.