Carline Information


Student Drop-off

  1. Students may be dropped off after 7:50 am each morning. Doors will be locked until 7:50 am. Students will then be supervised until 8:00 am, at which time students will be escorted to classrooms.
  2. Parents may drive through the carpool lane on the west side of the school and pull up to the sidewalk at the west doors or at the front doors. Students need to exit the right side of the car to ensure their safety.
  3. Parents of elementary may not drop off students at the east or south doors of the school.
  4. If students arrive after school begins, they must check in at the front desk.

Student After School Pick-up


  1. Students must be picked up between 3:00 pm and 3:15 pm each afternoon on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, or between 1:00 and 1:15 on Wednesday.
  2. Every family is assigned a number. This family carpool number will not change from year to year. Please make sure your number is BIG and BOLD. Please have your family number as well as all of the family numbers in your carpool where they can be seen by the staff member.
  3. When you arrive at school for pick-up, you will line up in the carpool lane.
  4. At 2:50 pm, a staff member comes outside with a walkie-talkie. She/he will begin taking numbers starting at the first car in line and continuing through the line to all of the cars that are waiting.
  5. Students wait quietly in their classrooms until 3:00 pm when the first numbers are called. When students hear their number, they leave their classroom quietly and walk out to the carpool curb.
  6. If some of your students come out but others do not (within 3 minutes of being at the curb), find a staff member with a walkie-talkie. They will call your number again.
  7. After you have picked up your student, exit the parking lot while watching carefully for pedestrians.

Forgotten Numbers

  1. If you arrive at carpool and you’ve forgotten your number card, you may roll down your window and tell the staff member your carpool numbers. This slows the carpool process, however, and we ask that you keep extra cards in your car (and in cars that may pick up your students).
  2. If you don’t know your number, you may give the staff member your student names. You will need to give the family name of everyone in your carpool. This also slows the carpool process and we ask that you memorize your carpool numbers. You may call the front office during office hours and get your family number (as well as other family numbers in your carpool).
  3. Families without numbers will slow down carpool, so please do your best to keep your numbers in all cars that are used to pick up your students.

Students on Premises After 3:20pm

  1. Students who have not been picked up at 3:20 pm (or when the last car in the carpool line finishes picking up students) will be brought to the front office. Parents or emergency contacts will be contacted by a staff member. Parents who do not pick up students from school by 3:20 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday or by 1:20 on Wednesday will be charged a $15 supervision fee.
  2. Parents who arrive to pick up students after carpool is over (approximately 3:20 pm) must come into the school to pick up their students. At 4:00pm hallways will be vacated and school doors will be locked. If parents fail to pick up their students by 3:20 pm more than three times a quarter they will be contacted by administration for a conference.
Please see our Arrival/Dismissal Policy for more details.

Carpool Information

Sign into OnePoint and click on Carpool locator to set up carpool arrangements.

Other Info

LPA is a commuter School. We do not promote or endorse any bus company. We recommend checking any bus company out  through the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration, UDOT and the licencing board before entering into a contract.