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South Campus Grades K - 4

Fourth Grade

Fourth grade at LPA is all about giving students a classical education! This education meets the Common Core educational standards, and so much more! At LPA, students will be given the opportunity to learn at their own pace, get small group instruction, and delve deep into a wide rage of subjects.

Students are divided into leveled groups for reading and math instruction so that each student gets the appropriate help needed to succeed. These groups are smaller to give each student a more individualized learning experience. Fourth grade also includes a flex time where students are given extra support where needed and time to accomplish most of their homework.
In addition to the Common Core, we also follow a curriculum called Core Knowledge which covers a much wider subject range. For example, in traditional school, student will study Utah history in 4th grade. At LPA we also cover Islam, Africa, China, the Middle Ages, the Revolutionary War, the Constitution, and Early Presidents. In our science curriculum we add Chemistry, the Circulatory System and Electricity.

Another amazing thing that LPA does is culminating activities to celebrate what students have learned after many of our units. These activities enrich students’ knowledge as well as reward students for all of their hard work. Some of the activities 4th graders can look forward to include jousting and a barbarian feast at our Middle Ages activity and putting on their very own Utah State Fair.

We are able to accomplish these big events because of our amazing parent volunteers! LPA is not just a school; it is a community where parents are encouraged to take an active role in their student’s education.

Our students also work hard to make LPA a great community to be a part of. Fourth grade students have the opportunity to run for student council. Students are also encouraged to take upon leadership roles in the classroom. At LPA we are building the leaders of tomorrow!