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First Grade

At Legacy we provide a classical education where we seek after truth, goodness and beauty. We want our students to pursue knowledge and become lifelong learners. Students enter first grade with a wide range of learning abilities, reading levels, and social skills. For this reason, children in this age group require individual attention and instruction that fits their learning capabilities.

Legacy is unique because of the ability we have to meet students individual needs through small group instruction. Children are taught reading and math in a small group setting with other children who are currently learning on the same level. This allows our teaching to be more focused, and therefore, more effective in helping students progress. Small group instruction also builds confidence in children as they are surrounded by other students with similar abilities.

In first grade, we track our students’ progress through a variety of methods. Track My Progress, iready and DIBELS are three of the tools we use to track each student’s growth. These tools test math skills, reading mechanics and reading comprehension, allowing teachers and administrators to assess and improve our instruction based on these results.

At Legacy, we focus on the arts. One of the favorite projects—which is unique to first grade—is the Opera by Children program. First graders are given the opportunity to create an entire opera from scratch—with minimal teacher intervention. This is an entire year process which allows children to think freely, work together and create something truly special that they can call their very own.  

We could not accomplish all we do without all of the amazing and wonderful parent volunteers. Our incredible volunteers plan and carry out culminating activities, read with and track fluency among students, share professional expertise, plan parties and much more. Parent involvement in the classroom creates a fun and rich learning environment.

Our goal is to build lifelong learners by helping students see and reach their individual potential. First grade is a great place to be at Legacy, where your child’s learning will be fostered and met on an individual level.