Halloween Information K-4


Please read this email carefully for all details regarding our Halloween festivities on October 29th.  First, students may wear costumes on this day.  Please make sure costumes are school appropriate.  Students must be able to sit at their desks, use the restroom unassisted, and complete their work while wearing the costume.  No full-face masks or weapons are allowed.  Remember, students will be standing outside for about 30 minutes for our drive-by parade and school pick-up so make sure the costume is weather appropriate. 

Second, in order to hopefully avoid a line up on Center Street, we will be reversing the route for our parade.  When arriving at the school for the parade please turn on 1200 West (the street east of the school) and follow this around to Jordan River Drive.  Cars will stop at the corner of Jordan River Drive and Center Street until directed to enter the front parking lot for the parade.  After you have participated in the parade you will exit with a left-hand turn onto Center Street and follow our normal route for pick-up.  We will open the back playground gates to allow cars to start entering after the last car has come through the parade.  Please be mindful of the extra traffic and possible cross-traffic surrounding the school.  For your reference you can look at the map, you will follow the blue arrows for the parade and then immediately follow the green arrows for pick-up. 

Finally, we are aware many parents have students to pick up at the North Campus and our parade time is during their dismissal time.  Please do not worry North Campus understands you may be a little late. 


Class parties will be held from 10:00-10:30 for the AM students and 2:20-2:50 for the PM students.  Each class is limited to one volunteer. 

Beginning at 10:35 (AM) and 2:55 (PM) students will be escorted outside to line up for our drive-by parade.  Once all students are lined up outside we will direct cars to begin entering the front parking lot, we estimate this to be approximately 10:40 (AM) and 3:00 (PM).  During this first drive-through, no students will be allowed to be picked up.  Parents will take a left-hand turn to exit the parking lot and then will form our regular pick-up line.    

We will do our best to make sure all cars get through the parade route before beginning the pick-up procedures.  If you notice the playground gates are open for our pick-up when you come to get in line for the parade that will be a good sign that the parade is over and you should just get in line for pick-up.  As the parade shouldn’t take long I would recommend being in line no later than 10:45 and 3:05. 

We are excited for our Halloween activities and thank you for your support as we try to fit some activities into this crazy time. 

Please see the attachment for picture