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South Campus Grades K - 4

Important Registration Information


Dear Parents,
We hope you are adjusting to online schooling and everyone is staying healthy in your homes.  We are trying to limit our emails as we understand the overload everyone is receiving.  Thank you for taking time to read this thoroughly as it contains important information about student registration for next year.  
In a previous email we sent directions for all parents to register their children in our new student information system, Aspire.  We are excited to use this new platform as it will be much more user friendly for parents and staff.  The instructions are provided again at the bottom of this email for your convenience. 
For current LPA students you need to register them for next year in Aspire.  You will need the student ID number that was sent home prior to school closing.  For South Campus students this was a sticker on their communication folder and North Campus students were given their numbers.  If you can't locate your child's number, please contact the front office at either campus.  
We have transferred everything we can from OnePoint to Aspire which was the student name and school ID number. We have entered in some additional information for each student but you will need to verify the information is correct for your children.
It is extremely important that you enter your child's main contact phone number, parent contact information  (including phone numbers and addresses) and emergency contacts and phone numbers. We recommend you list at least three emergency contacts, not including the parents. These people are those you authorize to pick up your student if you are not available.  It is also a great idea to include those you carpool with on your list of contacts. You can also note who we contact, in order, if we cannot reach you. Currently, you have access to all this information in One Point and you can copy and paste it from there if no changes need to be made. 
With the recent events we want to make sure we always have the correct and most up to date contact information available.  
Thank you to those who have entered this information and registered their children in Aspire.    
If you have not yet registered your student for next year, please do so by April 10th.
Instructions for registering your student:
Go to
  • Under Current Student Registration
  • Request a Username
  • Enter Student ID (located on the sticker on the docket/student planner)
  • Student ID may also be located on the one point report cards
  • Enter Student Date of Birth
  • Click on Lookup Student
  • Select yourself/parent name
  • Create user name and password
  • Confirm student by checking the box to certify authorization
  • Click Create Account
  • Log in to main page with new credentials
  • Select student to register by clicking on their name
  • Register each student making sure all information is correct and up to date.
  • Student Health - Bring documentation or fill out new forms for health concerns including if your student wears contacts/ glasses, uses an inhaler, allergies, etc… (this information did not transfer over from one point) Forms are available at Questions regarding health concerns may be addressed by calling the front office. 
If you need assistance please contact 
Legacy Preparatory Academy Administration