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South Campus Grades K - 4

Each week, students participate in a forty minute CK Art class. Three class periods are devoted to each artist.

At Legacy, we focus on the arts. Students receive direct instruction designed to teach students about master artists, art techniques, and give them the ability and confidence to create their own version of famous masterpieces using the Meet the Masters program (picture by one of our 4th graders).

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Track My Progress, iready and DIBELS are three of the tools we use to track each student’s growth. These tools test math skills, reading mechanics and reading comprehension, allowing teachers and administrators to better meet the needs of each individual student.

Small Group Instruction or "Fluid Learning Groups" are used in reading and math to drive subject mastery. Students are taught with other children who are currently learning on the same level. This allows our teaching to be more focused, and therefore, more effective in helping students progress.

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Winter Break: We Get One More Day!!

Last night at LPA's Board Meeting, a change was made to our yearly calendar. Our winter break has been extended by one day!  Our winter break will begin on Thursday, December 21st, and will go until Wednesday, January 3rd (Our previously approved calendar had students returning on January 2nd). We hope you enjoy the extra day of winter break!

Wonderful Ways to Give Back to LPA by Supporting our Local Stores and Other Amazing Companies That Support us!

​Thank you to Lee's Marketplace, Smith's, and Amazon for supporting LPA! Lee's Marketplace: Our local grocery store, Lee's Marketplace, has set up the wonderful School Cents Program. This program helps to give back to LPA. All that is required is to return your ​receipts ​to a Lee's Marketplace store​! All receipts need to be from this 2017​-2018 ​School Year​. Any prior​ receipts will not count for this year's totals. Smith's: Smith's grocery store has set up an amazing community rewards program. Register LPA in Smith's Inspiring Donation Program and receive a unique number that is registered to LPA. Log in at Purchases made using the linked rewards Cards will support LPA! Smith’s Inspiring Donations will donate 0.5% of every eligible purchase made by supporters to LPA. Participants must re-enroll every year. Amazon Prime: Do you have an Amazon Prime account? Amazon is very generous to donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to a charitable organization of your choice, like LPA! All that is required it to make your purchases on
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LLPA delivers a Classical Education. The Utah State Board of Education gauges student progress based upon a handful of criteria, measured by computer adaptive testing. This typically assesses proficiency in state standards for English/Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science. While this is important, Classical Education strives for much more!
Since the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans, Classical Education has been about the “entire human-being,” which includes intellectual and moral virtues. Intellectually, its goal is to teach students to think well and to master a certain body of knowledge. In terms of moral virtues, it guides students to act with honor and integrity, and to exhibit discipline and self-control. A Classical Education also emphasizes the importance of outward service and greater personal resiliency and courage.
These Classical Education benchmarks are rarely pursued or measured in a typical public school. Critically, LPA students follow the path of ancient Greek and Renaissance scholars, focusing on core subjects and the arts.
“To know nothing of what happened before you were born, is to forever remain a child.” – Cicero